Project Description

Castellaro Lagusello

Atmospheres Virgiliane a stone’s throw from Garda.Castellaro was born in the eleventh century as a simple “castle”, that is, as a wall still without houses inside: a temporary refuge overlooking a “lagusello”, a small heart-shaped lake.

Leave all worries, or you who enter …

Those who arrive here, leaving the Milan-Venice motorway and Lake Garda neuroticized by mass tourism in just fifteen minutes, enter another dimension, quiet and bucolic; he immerses himself in Virgilian atmospheres, where the vision of the famous reeds (nearby, there is a place that contends Virgil’s birthplace in Pietole) finally erases the ugliness of the Po landscape, whose houses have mostly become – writes Ceronetti – “chuckling” stupidity masks arranged in straight lines “.

The kings of the menu are the capunsei, a kind of gnocchi whose breadcrumbs, parmesan and boiling broth dough was once inserted in the capon, hence the name.